Job Opportunities Abroad

International Representatives Have the Following Responsibilities:

Establish and actively market the program within the country and act as a spokes person;

Introduce the program to schools and communities throughout your country;

Recruit, screen, select and prepare interested participants for programs to the United States.

Act as liaison between CDE and the natural parents of the students during their programs in the United States;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How time consuming will this be?

Most of our representatives have other full or part time jobs or study either full or part time. They usually complete their volunteer tasks during the evenings, over the weekend or between classes. All representatives will receive training to make sure the volunteer experience will be successful and rewarding.

Do you need to be fluent in English?

No. You will screen students in their own language. You do need basic English skills though in order to be able to communicate with our headquarter staff in San Diego.

What type of support is provided?

In addition to providing each representative with a comprehensive training manual CDE periodically schedules training seminars covering various counseling, public relations and administrative issues.

Do you receive any compensation?

This position is a volunteer position. However, a stipend will be paid for every student you prepare for departure.

How can I become an International Area Representative?

To begin the process of becoming an Area Representative, complete the Job Opportunities Application.