Host an Exchange Student

Add culture to your life and get the opportunity to teach the world what America is really like by inviting one of our young ambassadors to spend 2-12 weeks with your family. Our short-term program students are eager to get to know more about America and in return share their culture with your family and community.

More information about our international exchange students

  • Students/Interns are 15-20 years old
  • All our applicants are prescreened and will be closely monitored by our local San Diego representative to ensure they follow program and house hold rules
  • Applicants participate in CDE activities and language training/internship 9-5 PM 5 days per week
  • Applicants will have their own spending money and medical/accident insurance

More information about hosting a foreign exchange student

There is no such thing as a typical host family. Single-parent families, retired couples, alternate lifestyle families, families with young children, as well as families with teenagers, have all had successful hosting experiences. Life long friendships are established and your family will learn first hand what another country and culture are like. CDE will provide support and assistance to your family and the CDE participant to ensure you have a successful hosting experience. All we ask from our host families is that they provide the applicant with room, board and a supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

"I think my house may be too small. Doesn't an applicant need his or her own room?"

Program participants are prepared to share a bedroom with a child of the same gender. The only requirements are that the applicant is provided with his or her own bed, and that the host sibling sharing the room be at least 10 years old. We have found that program participants who share a room with a host sibling often transition more quickly into your family.

"We both work and wouldn’t be able to be home and entertain our international family member. Would this be a problem?”

The participant will be busy during regular working hours every day and there is no requirement for you to provide any type of sightseeing or other entertainment. We hope your family will share an exchange of ideas, culture, and care with a young adult from another culture.

"What happens if my family and the participant don't get along?"

Each family and participant is assigned a local representative who will work with you during the program. This person is prepared to assist you with any problems that may arise. In the event of a serious problem, or conflict of personalities, CDE will remove the student/intern for evaluation to determine whether he or she should be replaced or returned to the home country.

"Can I choose the participant I would like to have stay with us?"

Yes. Based on a review of the information you provide to us, and a review of the student/intern application, your local representative will present to you several files for your consideration. You will ultimately select the participant you would like to host.

"What are my responsibilities as a host parent?"

We ask that you provide a clean and safe living environment, good guidance and a loving family environment. The students will provide their own spending money for expenses incurred outside of the home; CDE will provide full medical and accident insurance coverage for each participant.

"How can I get more information about hosting?"

Complete our on-line host family application.